My Wife And The Repairman

Before moving to our new home some six months ago, we lived in a small, leased 2 B/R, 1/B home near the beach. The gas heater had failed and we called a repairman. As I left for work the following morning, I joked to my wife, "Maybe he'll be a good looking guy." She was still wearing a robe with nothing beneath.   

I came home for lunch. The guy was pulling out of the driveway as I drove in.

My wife called me from the bedroom. She lay naked atop tusseled sheets and grinned, saying, "You guessed right. He really was good looking!"

After removing the hallway wall cover to work on our unit, he had asked my wife if she had a flashlight. She retrieved one from beneath the kitchen sink and handed it to him. Her hand lingered against his longer than necessary as she stared down at him. The repairman was about 28, lean and hard bodied, with black hair and blue eyes.

He looked up at my wife. Her thin cotton robe was open to where it was tied loosely at the waist, exposing a generous portion of her supple breasts. She asked if she could watch to see how he did things.

He said, "Sure, always like to have company."  She kneeled alongside him. She allowed the folds of her robe to open further and the robe's belt loosened the longer she kneeled there. Now and then, she touched his arm to get his attention for a question. Her nipples were then standing out like spikes and exposed to his glances.

Within minutes, his rod grew and throbbed. My wife made certain that he saw her eyes occasionally darting to the excited bulge in his khakis. Her tongue gliding seductively across her upper lip.

She leaned forward, resting her arms on her knuckles at the floor, closely alongside him. She peered into the opening and said in her fake little-girl voice, "I'd never have been able to do this myself."

He tightend a mechanical part and replaced the cover, saying, "It'll work fine now." He stood and took  her hands, helping her to her feet. The belt to her robe fell open, revealing the slender beauty of her naked body. She didn't bother pulling it together. He leaned to kiss her and she led him to our bedroom. His clothes piled onto the rug and she shed her robe. She panted with desire, the fullness of her lips opening invitingly.

She kneeled, admiring his ****. She stroked it and licked his pink dickhead, saying, "You're humongous." Her lips engulfed his ****.

He asked, "Bigger than your husband?" She didn't answer immediately. Her head was bobbing over his rigid ****.

She withdrew her mouth, led him by his pole to our bed and said,"He's a tiny-**** guy. I like'em big, like yours."

Actually, my wife told me he was "about average," maybe six inches. But she wasn't lying. I'm only four and half inches hard. Almost every guy is monster-hung compared to me.

He urged her to her back, spreading her legs, and kneeled between her thighs. She guided his **** to the mouth of her creaming *****. She wailed as it sank into her depth. She wrapped her long legs around his body and locked her ankles at his back.

He ****** her madly but withdrew before either orgasmed. She moaned, "Oh don't stop now!"

He turned her to her back. She kneeled as his **** entered her ***** from the rear.

She cried, "Oh! **** me!" She *********** her clitoris as he drove mightily into her hot cuntal walls. He groaned. His hot seed spewed through her cuntal walls and my wife was coming immediately.

I returned home for a late lunch. Upon hearing this, I was hard as a rock. I ******** my pants and shorts off, leaving my shirt and tie on, and mounted her from behind. Her ***** was still slick with his considerable lava.

My wife tells great stories in detail, all true, all exciting. I love our lifestyle.

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May 27, 2010