My Wife Paid For Our Camp Site.

Shortly after we started experimenting with an open relationship, we came across a campground on a big lake where we could water ski and enjoy the summer. The place was only 45 minutes from home, so travel time was minimal.

At check in, we were told we could only stay 14 days. then we had to leave and wait our turn for another reservation.

About the second day, we knew this was where we wanted to stay, my wife, who was dressed in tight white cutoffs and her bikini top, went with me to speak to the manager about staying the whole summer.

He told us only staff members could do that. He asked what I did for a living. While we talked, I noticed he couldn't take his eyes off my sexy little wife. I told him I was a mechanic.. He thought for a minute, and said that if I would be willing to do a little up keep on the mowing equipment, he could put us on staff and we wouldn't have to move our trailer all summer. I happily agreed.

We spent every friday night thu sunday at the campground. We always had company up to cook out and ski.We started inviting a couple of our male friends who had been ******* my wife. What a kick. We would cook out, and drink a little. I would then take our young sons fishing for an hour or so while my wife entertained our guest in the camper. After the kids were asleep in their tent, we had some crazy sex.

One day when I returned from gassing up the boat, I noticed the camp managers two sons talking with my wife off to the side and out of sight of the other campsites. Our site was in the front corner of the camp,on the water. the only other site that could be seen from the front of our trailer was that of Tom the manager. Tom was widowed, and Had a 19, and an18 yr old son.

As i approached, the two boys left abruptly. My wife was wearing an orange bikini, and was upset. She told me that as soon as i left with the boat, the two boys had cornered her against the trailer, kissing and feeling her up. needless to say my first reaction was stone pissed off.

I walked over to Toms camp to get this situation sraightened out. I told Tom what had happened, and the bastard just laghed, saying that the boys just had raging horemones. I coudn't believe his attitude. I told him to get them under control, or I would. Tom smiled and said it was much more complicated than that. He said he couldn't let our activities go on unless he had a good reason to look the other way. I acted stupid. He said, " let's cut the ****. We know your wife is ******* men while you're out in the boat." apparently, he and his boys had snuck up to our camper, and watched and listened as these guys pounded their ***** in my wife. I asked him exactly what he was getting at. He said that if we wanted to stay there, I would send my wife over on Saturday nights to entertain him and his sons. I told him to go **** himself.

When I told my wife what happened, we talked about it for a long time.She said that this camp was perfect for us, and she really didn't want to leave. I asked her if she was willing to go over there every week and suck those guys *****, and let them **** her. She looked down at the floor, and said she would try it if I could handle the situation. I can't decribe the sick feeling in my stomach as I went to tell Tom My wife would be over after dinner. He just smirked, and said "when You get her back, she will have been laid like a concrete road."

As my wife dressed to go, she had a halter, and tight cutoffs on. no underwear. I made a comment about her attire, and she said " get over it. In a little while I'll be naked and ****** by those three *****. why worry about what she wore? Good point

When she entered the camp, I saw Tom sit her next to him in front of the fire, and gave her a beer. I got my binoculars, so I wouldn't miss anything.A short time later, tom kissed her hard, and pulled her top down, bareing her **** to the hungry stares of his sons.The three of them passed her around kissing and feeling her up. They spent a lot of time kissing and feeling her breasts. They soon retired to the camper to get on with the gang bang.

I waited a few minutes, and crept up to their trailer. It was a warm night, All the windows were open. I'm sure those ******** wanted me to see what they did to her, and I did.

I watched as all three naked guys had her on the big bed. they took turns ******* her mouth and *****.After the second time around, Tom said her ***** was getting loose. He put her on her hands and knees, Shoved his **** in her mouth, and told her to get him good and wet so it wouldn't hurt so bad when he ****** her in the ***. Instead of raising a fuss, she sucked his **** like a two dollar *****. It wasn't long before all three had ****** her in the ***, and continued for several hours ******* her in every combination you can imagine. The next morming, she came back about 10:00. She proceded to tell me about her adventure, incuding waking up with a big **** in her mouth, and getting ****** in all her holes again. I was hard as a brick. I threw her on the bed, and deposited all of my frustrations right in her well used *****. Talk about mixed emotions. The feeling of ******* your wife with your **** swimming in other mens come, and tasting them in her mouth, and all over her body. It's a feeling you love to hate.

On the bright side, our camp site was free.


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******* BOLLACKS, 6/10 for the fantacy

I find myself a little confused why you were pissed at the sons in the first place.<br />
<br />
Next I wonder does she ever bring home women for you?<br />
Help educate some young girls in the joys of duble penetration?<br />
Help those young sons get themselves some girls <br />
<br />
Sounds like your wife enjoy her "hard labor". ;-)

wow, very hot! not nice to be blackmailed but if you can take it, great outcome!

Amazing twist

I hope you took pictures. I would have. Sounds like a hell of a time. Wish I had a campground like that around us.

Great Story, is it true? Voyuerism is a passion as well.<br />
I enjoyed it a lot.

is it true, do you really think in the back of your mind that this would ever be true do you really think that a guys wife would really let her self be used wores than an ugly street hore
and not get paid for it, if it where true he is missing out he could make a fortune with her on the street