I Share My Wife Story

My husband could never really explain why it turns him on for me to be his **** wife, “It just does” he says. It doesn’t matter if I’m picking up a guy on the internet or a local bar and giving him the details later or if I’m simply being a party ****, doing a variety of different guys throughout the evening, sometimes sneaking off two or three times with guys and giving head or getting laid and sometimes all the guys knowing that I‘m giving turns, I‘ve had as many as seven men in the same night. We’ve had many MFM’s and a few small ********* of 4 men. His favorite **** wife scenario is having the guy think that I’m cheating, especially if he gets to see or hear it somehow. Under any circumstances, it works out well for both of us because I really enjoy being a ****, it truly turns me on bringing a guy to total ecstasy.

Although I enjoy doing a buff guy with a huge c--k, I seem to get turned on more tackling the underdog, the kind of guy that probably doesn’t get laid often. Maybe he’s a little shy, nerdy, chubby or not the best looking. My favorite is finding a married man with a ho-hum sex life and finding out his best fantasy and helping him make it happen. It drives me wild giving the underdog a chance to have a fantasy come true.

One night while we were out at a dance club we ran into George, a casual friend of ours. He was flirting with me as the night wore on and the drinks were flowing. I was having a blast but I knew my husband would be getting too drunk to drive so I limited myself to 2 drinks early in the evening and started drinking water about two hours before we left the club. I didn’t have to be drunk to have fun, the attention I was getting from George was all the fun I needed.

We danced to five or six songs and the longer we danced, the touchier he got. At one point I felt a solid hard-on press against me through his jeans. I commented that he’s all charged and ready to go with his wife when he gets home. He replied that maybe he’ll get his usual maintenance sex, a “stick it in, *** and roll over session” is what he called it. I chided him a little by saying that maybe it’s not exciting because he didn’t make an effort to do something exciting. “No”, he said “I’ve tried everything, I think she’s just not interested in getting creative”.

That was my chance to ask the million dollar question, “What is it that you would have her to do if she was willing to do anything you wanted?” I asked. “Well on the simple side, I haven’t had a blow job in five years and I’ve never done anal, that’s something I’ve always wanted. On the fantasy side, like many guys, I’ve always wanted to do two girls at once.” “I’m sure there’s a way for you to get her back in the groove of things, maybe it’s your approach” I said.

We danced for a few more songs after that conversation. The dancing became intense and physical, I could feel his **** was ready to explode through his clothes, I was pretty wet from feeling the bulge and feeling his hands grabbing at my *** and **** during that last few songs. The club lights came on and the music stopped, we wandered back to our table where my husband was sitting. I knew my husband was getting horny watching us out there but he pretended he didn’t see a thing.

George walked out to the car with us, he politely offered his phone number and said that we should “all” get together some time, but I knew he really meant with me. My husband was a little drunk and after saying goodnight to George, he crawled into the back seat of the car. As we were trading numbers we heard my husband’s light snoring, he had actually fallen asleep in the few minutes we were at the car. “Did he really fall asleep that fast?” George asked. I joked and replied “Yup, he always falls asleep as soon as his head hit’s the pillow, or the arm rest in this case.”

George and I chatted for a couple of minutes outside the car, the parking lot emptied out fast and it wasn’t long before we were the only two cars left. Being very wet from him turning me on in the club and seeing that he still had a raging hard-on, I decided to make a move. I reached and touched his jeans, giving his **** a slight grab and gentle stroke and I volunteered to “help” him out with one of his fantasies. “Here, now?” he asked. “Yes, right here and right now, I’ll close that five year gap and give you a blow job” I said. I dropped to my knees as I fumbled with his zipper and belt buckle. His package was at face level and it was so hot and hard that I think I felt heat emitting from his c--k as it sprung out toward my face.
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My lips clamped around his c--k as I let it slide back and forth hitting the back of my mouth. I worked my tongue on the bottom of his head, I could tell he was trying to muffle his moans of pleasure. While I was sucking his **** I reached under my skirt and rubbed my c--t with one hand while I massaged his b--ls with my other hand. I could feel my juices flowing down my c--t as I rubbed myself and sucked his c--k. It only took a minute before I orgasmed on my soaked hand and I could feel his **** swell, giving me a taste of pr-c-m as I came.

I let his c--k pop out of my mouth as I stood up and told him that I needed him to f--k me. He looked toward the back seat of the car with a little hesitation. I told him not to worry, that my husband will be asleep for hours.

He turned me toward the car as he lifted my skirt and guided his c--k to my c--t, it was so wet that he didn’t have any problem sliding it in as far as he could. I felt my p-s-y walls separate wide as it drove into me. I almost came again on the first stroke of penetration. He reached one hand around and rubbed my c--t as he f-ck--d me. I lost count of my ******* after 3 or 4, he was really bringing me a level of ecstasy that I haven’t had in a while.

In the heat of the moment I decided that I wanted to give him one more of his fantasies. I reached around for his c--k and on one of his strokes I pulled it out of my c--t and aimed it to my a-s. My a-s was soaked with my fluids and I knew he wouldn’t have any trouble penetrating me. I told him to go in slow and easy. He kept saying “Oh my God, I can’t believe this is finally happening”.

It only hurt a little bit as he slowly slid his c--k in my a-s. It was merely a few seconds for my body to adjust to what I call “pleasure-pain” as he entered me. Once I was comfortable I started to writher my body and he knew this was his time to start humping. He let his f-ck---g strokes go the full length of his rod as he moved. I told him to rub my c--t again as he ***-f-ck-d me. His hand rubbing my c--t and his c--k ******* my a-s gave me an ****** that was so intense that it caused his c-m to burst into my a-s. Neither of us could refrain from moaning loudly as we came. At near exhaustion we both slumped onto the side of the car and panted like wild dogs for a minute before we broke away and started adjusting our clothes.

As we parted he kept thanking me and he told me that this was probably the most exciting s-x he’s ever had and that he couldn’t believe he got two of his fantasies in the same night. I told him to get some protein because I can make arrangements to take care of his third fantasy with two women. He stood in the parking lot with a grin from ear to ear as I drove off.

I heard my husband rustling around in the back seat while I went down the road. As he sat up I said “You missed a great show”. “I didn’t miss a thing, I knew you‘d both buy that fake snoring thing” he replied. We both chuckled as I drove, I knew my night of s-x was just beginning because I was heading home with my super horny man and we would be sck--g and f-ck--g a hours. That little tryst in the parking lot would have been enough for most women for the night but it was mere f-r-p-ay for my husband and I. Giving George a couple of his fantasies was my main pleasure, George’s pleasures were obvious and my husband not only loves when I’m slutty, he was over-charged at George thinking that I was cheating. I don’t know why it turns him on so much, it just does.

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Self i.e. Daizy and hubby dear read your story / experience. During the reading I almost got wet and hubby dear had a big hard-on. Now hubby dear wants me to follow your example and try to DO IT FOR HIM. Let us see, how does it work out. I shall get back to you after our next sexapade.....Daizy

Your a good wife!