Hair Fetish

 When I was a teenager of 13 or 14 I used to go to a barbers shop for a trim.  It was the 1970s and everyone my age had long hair.   A very attractive older woman worked at this barbers and I had never had my hair cut by her before.  Although she was constantly smiling and very friendly I was slightly intimidated by her but also curious about her.  The queue in the shop was like a lottery as to which barber was available to cut your hair at any given time, but one particular day she was available when it was my turn for a haircut.  She flashed a dazzling smile at me and invited me on to the barber’s chair.  My immediate memory of this encounter is the smell of her perfume and her pleasant personality.  I am guessing that she must have been in her mid or late 30s but she had a great figure and sounded young if you know what I mean.  She had a big headful of very blonde hair and wore a lot of eye make up.  I could not stop myself from looking at her eyes in the mirror in front of me.  I felt embarrassed and almost choked when she asked how I wanted my hair cut.  I spluttered at her to trim the ends and she started snipping with her tiny scissors.  I felt the kind of erection that only teenage boys can understand growing in my pants and I mumbled and spluttered in answer to her attempts to draw me into inconsequential conversation.  When she had finished she asked me if my haircut was ok and remarked that in her opinion short hair was much smarter on a young man.  Before I could think about it for too long I gulped and asked her to cut it just a little shorter.  This was partly to gain her favor but the overriding reason was that I did not want the haircut to end.  I clearly remember her smiling at me for what seemed like a long time but in maturity I think she understood my predicament and realised that because of my erection, I was too embarrassed to stand up.  She explained that she would cut my hair quite short and that she was certain that I would like it.  I tried to laugh in a pleasant manner but I'm sure I sounded like a cretin and whilst gulping hard, I told her to go ahead.

I was completely unprepared for what was to happen next.  It was as if I had lost control of everything and was completely in the hands of this sexy barber who was intent in shearing off my shoulder length hair into a military crew cut.  As she pushed the electric clippers up the side of my head I blushed deeply as the hair tumbled off but I knew it was too late to stop.  I was going to look like a freak when she was finished but I was powerless to do anything but swallow hard and accepted my fate.  After shaving the back and sides almost to the bone she then set about cropping the hair on top by lifting it tightly between her fingers and snipping energetically with the scissors.  It felt wonderful!  I was transfixed by her dazzling smile and mysterious heavily made up eyes.  At one point she winked temptingly at me and I was certain that she knew just exactly what was happening to me.  After the cutting and shearing she took a jar from the shelf and after rubbing the contents between her well manicured hands began massaging it into my cropped head and smoothing what was left of my hair backwards.  She dropped a little of the substance on to the cape covering my erection and immediately lifted a tissue to wipe it off with.  I will never forget the moment she touched my erection.  Her hand lingered on it and she caught my eye with a knowing smile.  She rubbed my hard on softly whilst licking her red lips and laughing gently at my discomfort.  After brushing my hair she removed the cape and told me that there was a toilet I could use at the back of the shop.  I stumbled into the cubicle and I am not proud to say, ********** before I could undo my belt.  I was mortified.

When I had cleaned up I returned to the shop and approached the woman to pay for my haircut.  She asked me if I was pleased with my new look.  I had almost forgotten that my long hair was gone.  I looked at myself in the mirror and could hardly recognise myself.  I was now sporting the tightest flattop I had ever seen.  How was I going to face my friends at school?  I decided que sera and paid the woman.  She ruffled my cropped hair with her hand and told me to come back for the same every four weeks.  I did that a couple of times and got to know her a little although I never learned her name and she was never as flirtatious with me again.  A short time later she moved away from my town and I never saw her again.  I let my hair grow out and pretty soon I was like any other kid at school but this mysterious barber left me with a life long legacy.  Since that time I have always been excited by having my hair cut and in recent years I have had it shaved.  I suppose it is a fetish but it is one that I still enjoy 
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A nice story, exciting experience!

great story, can totally relate to this, especially the erection & hoping it would subside before the cape was removed. the heavy eye make-up was & still is a big turn-on. in my local shop the barberettes all wore really tight jeans with boots & there was a stunning red-head who you always hoped that you would get but hardly ever did. the one time I did , i remember asking for it to be cut short & got absolutely scalped but the pleasure was immense watching her shearing off my hair with clippers, watching her lovely figure in the mirror & hoping I wouldn't *** in my jeans lol.......

Delicious story, Baldy7!

nice story.

Hey Niky Halsey,
I pleased that you liked it. I had my head shaved a few days ago and I am bussily growing it out so that I can have it shaved again!

What about you? I'd love to hear about yoyur experiences. Why not send me a message.

see ya,