Love Going To Bald Head Smooth

i will ready to going shave my head smooth after i have long hair 4 years
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i did it i shave 6 time 1 month i always stay bald smoot its very amazing experience...i love it

every day i shave smooth

Sounds great. Are you enjoying it?

Sandi, have you ever tried Shave Secret? When I used to shave my head using shaving cream my head would also get irritated after a few days of shaving. Someone told me about this product a few years ago. It is a shaving oil and for me it has completely stopped the irritation problem. I shave my head at least once a day and sometimes twice and have for the last four years. When I shave my wife's head I always place a steamy towel on her head, then cover her scalp with shaving cream (actually gel) and shave with the grain. She loves the feel of the hot towel and the cream on her head. After shaving her completely I apply the shave secret and shave against the grain. This leaves her head completely smooth. I could probably just use theShave Secret but the hot towel and shaving cream are part of her enjoyment and isn't that what it's all about? At times when she has kept her head shaved for extended periods of time we did use the oil rather than cream to cut out the irritation problem. If you decide to give it a try, I get it at Walmart in the shaving supplies section.

glad to hear you decided to take the plunge and shave again..I bet you look fantastic...

Are you bald yet? I hope so. Bald women are so sexy. I wish there were more of them.

It´s an amazing look for a woman, makes her stand out from the crowd and shows off her inner bauty...go for it...

yes i do it...i go to dysneland and i walk in middle crowded people all notice of me,,,i just smile,,,one of peole say i am bald chic

Do it, you will look great! More than happy to help out! :)