My Whole Body

When I started going out I really wanted to shave my legs but was scared that the wife and friends would find out. But the wife found out anyway and I started shaving my legs. I'm not very hairy anyway but soon began shaving everything below my brows, and my brows I started plucking, a little at first, and eventually they became thin and fem.
That was many years ago, and I've kept up with it. I hate stubble and do a full body shave every week but touch up my thighs in between, and every day I check my eyebrows and pluck a hair or two.
And weirdly enough, my close friends never said anything, and I now wear shorts as a guy and go to the beach as one fully smooth. Sometimes strangers give me weird looks, probably mostly at my eyebrows which are very fem, but I'm guessing they just think I'm gay, tranny stuff doesn't pop in most peoples minds.
It's so nice being totally smooth all the time.
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Sep 5, 2012