Still trying to pluck up the courage to shave my legs. I am majorly hairy, and it would be a real difference!
I love seeing a woman shave her legs, I find it massively horny, especially if they use an electric ladies shaver
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I was at one time blessed with a massive amount of hair - everywhere. The first time, I used a hair clipper to remove most of the hair, so that it was just shaving the short stubble. it was much easier and did not clog the bathtub drain.

The first time you shave your legs is quite the experience! If you are pretty hairy, you'll discover it takes quite a long time to do it completely and carefully. Soak in a warm bath for about ten minutes before starting to shave. Use a moisturizing gel-type shaving cream. Then go very slowly to avoid nicks and scrapes. Constantly clean the razor, as it will get clogged with hair. Also, change and use a new razor frequently. Certainly watch sensitive areas like the ankle bones, knees, behind the knees and your bikini line. Again, go slowly, add more gel frequently and change razors.

When you are finished, rinse off and pat your legs dry. Use a good moisturizing lotion on them. You will be rewarded with some amazing new sensations! Your legs will feel smooth and waxlike. You'll feel coolness on them, since you are not used to being hair free. You'll even feel a difference as they make contact against your pants. It's just exhilarating! And, of course, they will look so different. Many discover how shapely and feminine their legs look, which can be a real turn on. And then try sliding on a pair of pantyhose. Wow, the feeling is amazing and the sheer nylons tend to smooth out and shape your legs even further!

I encourage you to try it. You'll probably love it!

Well about all I can say is do it ... shave your legs. You'll never know how nice it is to have smooth legs unless you try.