Last night, I my wife took the clipper and shaved ALL my hair below my neck. My chest, back, shoulders, bums, front and legs! I already feel so naked and sexy, I can't imagine what it will be when the hair will grow softer and lighter. This is part of a bigger plan. We bought an IPL hair remover and tonight she will start to zap my back and chest, then the rest...
SoumisCH SoumisCH
46-50, M
4 Responses Aug 17, 2014

you'll love it, my wife loves my hairless body

I shave my body all the time. It's quite itchy when it starts to grow again. You are very lucky you have your wife to help you. Most don't !!! Xxx

That's a hell of a wife you have there!!

I am going from a bear to a smooth soft body, she's excited by it... Let's see what's next!

Lucky lucky man!

A great decision! I loved being totally shaved but now that I have had laser hair removal on my entire body it is so much smoother and takes very little maintenance. You will love it!