Full As Hell

earlier today my parents aere out of the house so i took yhe opportunity to do a huge 1. it came out with 1 push and instantly filled my undies to the brim. i just squished it arou d at 1st but then played with it bare **** to bare hand. then i rubbed it onto my stomach. then got my wang as ****** as possable tasted it, and jacked off. the clean up was horrible and the smell lingers but it was worth it
jameslapoopie01 jameslapoopie01
18-21, M
6 Responses Aug 4, 2010

That sound so hot I would love to join u!

Yeah, same here, I have smeared it over my butt, or on my stomach, I did that too when I was super horny. But I've never tasted it. Ewww.

So do I.....not doing the scat stuff, whatever they call it. I would have to draw a line right here.

its not a regular thing. i just like pooping

Having doo doo at my butt and up front, yeah, I love it, but tasting it, nope.