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Messy Pull Up

Hello, friends!!! I am proud to tell you all that I shat a great big load this evening.I must say that this is probably the biggest load I have crapped in a while. This happened at 9PM, it is now 2:30 AM and I am freshly showered. I had been holding back on pooping all day, because I was out with my family. The urge to go has pretty much been with me for the entire day, but mainly hit me in the afternoon after lunch at Carl's Jr. I had the big burger combo, which included medium fries and a large coke. After I ate that, the urge to go doo doo had began to get alittle bit stronger, but I managed to hold it till I got home. I had been gone for at least 7 hours. I had to help my mother look after my aunt for my cousin (her mother), while my cousin ran errands. My aunt had a stroke in December and needs 24 hour care. I actually haden't been poop in like 3 or so days, so I knew it was going to be a big one, but I wasn't all that prepared for what came outta me, besides being in the pull up. You see, at first I was just gonna doo doo in regular panties. But then my stomach started bubbling up and it felt like the **** was going to be alittle bit softer this time, and possibly runny. And that is exactly what it was. I still had the urge to go, from not having gone doo doo all day, so I put a pull up on. I like diapers too, but for some reason, I have just been into pull ups more often. Anyhow, I was chatting online with my best friend, Joe Monty in a face to face chat, when I decided that I would poop for him. And that I did. I went so much that doo doo literally ran up my back and up by my vagina area. I knew I had to doo doo really bad, and that it was gonna probably be messy (mushy at the best), but I was totally unpreparred for the hot, stinky, muddy, thick, pasty **** that ran up my back (just above the diaper line), and onto my red and white jerzee. It took only 2 small grunts and the doo doo came out in a farty semi liquidy consistency. I *********** afterwards( with the dirty pull up on) and had an earthshattering ******. I was really a messy, stinky princess tonight (as Joe Monty calls me) lol. And it took several baby wipes just to get the messy, runny oatmeal consistency doo doo off my bum crack. There was still a considerable ammount of poop on me when I got in the shower. Most of that was on my butt, but alot was also on my vagina, and my vaginal opening. So I took a shower for the second time tonight. The first time I took a shower, I hadn't went doo doo, but I was hot and sticky from this California heat. I hope that you all enjoyed this story. There will be many more to come.

PS: To my friends, i have pics of what I did tonight. For my fans, I'll check out your profiles, and if I find that we're compatible, I'll add you and then you can see my pics. But we must have most things in common first.
stinkypantsgirl stinkypantsgirl 22-25, F 19 Responses Apr 1, 2011

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That's incredible. Awesome story

Hello there great story loved reading it , you sound like a very fun and messy kind of girl would you like to read a messy diaper story I made , please add me I bet you will like the story :)

What is going on?! This, just like all of your others, is an extremely hot story! I think I might just have to make myself a steamy little book comprising of all of your experiences and fantasies! :P "The extravagant and sexy short stories, fantasies and experiances of stinkypantsgirl!" Haha

Thanks for the compliments, but I am not too fond of that idea. Doesn't sit too well with me. If you want to cherish them, fine but don't make it into a book for others to possibly find though!! I've got issues with that.

You weren't prepared for this poop?

No, not really, lol.

Awsome story,I WOULD like to lick you clean!

My stinkypantsgirl, you are hot; I love your desc<x>riptive, sexy stories.

Thank you, chris,lol. I am all ****** right now. I've got doo doo all up my butt crack and *****. I have went a total of 8 times in the last 40 min!!! Not feeling so well. But I love having full pants on.

nice story may i see your pics too?

hello sweet stinkypantsgirl, I loved your story. I've wet my pants reading it. Wish I could see you pooing your pullup. Whether you poo your pullups or panties, it's great. <br />
<br />
I love to poop in pullups or in my underpants if I don't have any diapers. Then I like to squish it around and I'll get an erection and ***. It takes awhile to clean up, but it's worthwhile.<br />
I'd love to see pictures.

Thanks, Napman.

A very very hot story! I'm so turned on right now it's not funny. Please write more!

what a great story, Stinkypantsgirl! The thought of you in your stinky pull-ups gives me a hard erection in my pants. You're such a great diaper pooper, I bet that felt great releasing that stinky, messy load into your pull-up and messing yourself all over. Keep up the wonderful poop stories.

Sounds good!<br />
maybe you'd like some of my pics.

Awesome story !!! I would have loved to have pooped right along with you for sure !!! Thanks for sharing :-) oh and I would really love it if you added me as a friend :-)

yeah i wanna see pics

love this story, just re read it, wish i could see you poo your pull up :)

Your stories are so good. A real pleasure to read. Hot and sexy just like you. Please keep pooping and writing about it. You make so many people happy.<br />
<br />
And thanks so much for mentioning me.

just reread your story, such a turn on :) add me if you want on here, would be nice to get to know you xx

brilliant story, i really enjoyed it :P did you rub yourself with the pull up on? i love pull ups they looks so cute and make me feel so naughty hehe, anyway id love to see what it looked like! keep being a naughty girl, Ryan xx

Great story and great pics. Please crap your pants the next time without diapers and tell us about. And do it in public, you are such a sweet diaper (and pants?)pooper. I love you.