Filling My Pants Right Up With **** and Sitting On It For Hours

I  really love filling up my pants with **** and sitting on it for hours.  When the poo reaches the top of my pants I put another pair on as the poo is almost falling out but I catch it in the 2nd pair of pants just in time.  Then I start filling up the 2nd pair of pants as well and then I sit on it again and start ******* until the poo is really soft, then I pull the pants down slightly to look in the mirror and then start to hold the pants with all the poo in my hands. I then sit on it for hours and then poo again.  By that time the poo is falling out of my pants onto the floor!

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good for you I thin it's awesome keep doing it and everybody that tins can screw off

sexy girl... message me if what u are saying is true


I enjoy filling my pants and sitting in it. I also enjoy sleeping in messy pants overnight!

LOL is this for real? or you all having fun making this things up?

youd be surprised how many people do this

I like to fill my pants too! I wear diapers and load them with poo & pee, and then leave them on for hours. After I first fill my diaper I love sitting in it feeling it squish everywhere. Wearing a diaper makes it easier for clean up because I just wrap the diaper in a plastic bag and place it in the trash. The garbage men must wonder why there are so many messy adult diapers in my trash pickup!

I change only two times a day - one time in the morning and one time in the evening ... but if it is too late in the evening I skip changeing and this is not even rare ...

I do it only in one pair of jeans,sometimes overflowing them,but you know what? I love the mess!

If i get a day where I know I will be at home by myself for the day, then the day before I will try not to go for a ***** . I favour wearing Lycra jockey shorts. the reason being that they are tight fitting feel nice when wet and also keep everything in,. I like this because whilst being stretching they allow expansion room for the inevitable P**** bulge and as I said, naturally create a bulge that stops any dropping down my legs & loosing the effect.<br />
I will dress normally (although I have a favourite pair of light weight cotton black trousers). I will usually wet in them several times holding back the P*** as long as possible. Being black I can get up and walk around. in the back garden without anyone being aware. I like to go out and stand in the garden when I finally give up on holding it in. That way I get the full effect of my pants stretching to accommodate the emerging load. I like to walk around for a bit with full pants until I decide to go back in and sit down and squash it around. If I can I will push out more but will enjoy being like this all day, just carrying on as normal, getting up and sitting down ( and continually squashing it around until the excitement gets were I need to come in my pants as well. Sometimes I will stay in my clothes for quite a while longer but at this point it's usually time to get cleaned up. Just waiting for the next day when no one is around

absolutely I relate. I love to sit in my poo, great shituation.

Love your story, and here's another woman who can relate. I've been filling my panties and sitting around in it since I was in my teens and still love it after all these years. It's so very erotic and there isn't a day goes by that I don't poop myself and sit around in it. My ladylove enjoys it too and sometimes I wear a diaper or rubber pants over my panties so she can squat over me and add her own to mine. It feels wonderful and we always clean up and douche well afterward and have never had a problem. Keep up the fun!

... I've been filling my panties and sitting around in it since I was in my teens ...

hhmmm ... do you realy wear the same jeans all the time till now? ... lol

If I can't wear plastic pants for ******** that day, I store my **** in the freezer and then add it (once thawed) to my already full transparent plastic pants. The more **** there is to sit in and walk around with the better. I wear combat trousers or overalls on top of my plastic pants and feel very masculine. I do this for hours, sometimes using laxatives or supps or syringing glycerin up my hole. I get in a real mess when the pants are really full and leaking, and i enjoy it all.

I've never pooped enough for it to fall out...

Nice story as i can relate to everything that you do and how great it is when you have a nice big poo to sit in and move around and sit in it again and also I do like to **** in my poo make it more messy and fun to play with, Denny

When I have been holding it for a couple of day and am going to enjoy having very full pants I sometimes wear plastic pants over a pair of full cut lacy type pants. I love the way my poo squidges out when I sit down in it. After a while I push out another load into my already full Pants.<br />
<br />

I want a girl to fill my pants up with **** just so i can sit down and squish in it for hours,thats good times

I wet my pants three times today and just finished a big doo doo in my underwear and pajamas.

excellent story!! loved it!

i do this kind of thing all the time

Me too. Did it today, and yesterday...

i love this story

i dont use 2 pairs i just poop until it leaks out

I never use 2 pairs i Just like to year one pair of briefs i sit in my poop all day then go to sleep in them the longest i ve kept the same pants on for was 2 weeks everytime they got to full id eat some then keep filling them

i like to do the same. i have a good 2 pairs that can hold all the poo i can do.

i've never added more pairs after i started pooping, but i have started off with more than one pair for absorbancy. I usually don't have to **** to make my poop get soft, it's usually pretty soft to start with. Sounds like you have a lot of fun pooping yourself. I know i do.

Are there any people out there that can relate to my experience?

yes we sure can!! We are a poopie couple loving our poop and enjoying sitting in it and reading stories about it to!

yes I do it all the time!!