Where I've Been And Where We're Going!

One of the virtues of being old is that I was able to grow up in a vastly different world than we live in now. My first shot was fired in anger, to keep a feral hog from rooting up the family garden of the ranch I grew up on. I was around 8 and the gun was an 1890 Winchester .22 WRF. Even then I knew enough to use the best tool at hand to get the job done. Growing up as I did, I have always considered a firearm as a tool. Sometimes, in getting your daily work done you need a hammer, saw, wrench or some more specifically specialized tool. When you live in the country, sometimes that tool may be a rifle, pistol or shotgun.
I was about 10 when I purchased my first gun, a used Cooley bolt .22 cal. single shot rifle that has killed snakes and varmints, helped me dine on rabbits and squirrels, and been a source of great enjoyment for many years. It even helped me win the first turkey shoot I attended, back in 1965.
I've owned, collected, and horse-traded firearms of all kinds over the years. To list all of the guns I've owned and carried (if I could remember them all) would result in a huge list, numbering in the hundreds if not thousands. Although I have never formally trained as a gunsmith, I've even made a few bucks repairing guns for others as well as crafting specialty cartridges for target range and self-defense. I’ve even had to defend my life and that of others a few times when a rapid response from the County Sherriff’s department would be measured in hours.
I’ve seen the infringement of our second amendment rights grow every year since the Gun Control Act Of 1968 was proposed. The political situation of firearms has become a worse nightmare every year since then. “We the People” of the United States like our guns, and the freedoms possessing them evokes and this annoys hell out of the current breed of” Nanny Staters” in both political parties. They don’t like the idea of their “Fearless Leaders” and their pogroms being discussed and disrupted by the “little people” that should just bow to their enlightened will. They know we can’t protect our constitutional rights just by voting for who they decide to run for office or by shaking a few pitchforks and complaining loudly in protests they and the media will ignore. They would like to take away every freedom we possess, get rid of that pesky constitution, and get on with running the country as they see fit. If they can just get all the guns out of the hands of the people no one would dare resist their dictatorial actions and they could get on with rebuilding this country to allow them to rule unquestioned.
We as gun owners must protest our rights from politicians and bureaucrats no matter what they call themselves. Democrat, Republican, liberal, conservative, independent, these are just terms to be tossed about, to be lied about at will, and to be used as a smoke screen. Never fall for what they say, watch closely for their action. Dig hard to find their action, it will be cloaked in rhetoric and bullshit to make it’s truth more difficult to ferret out. They don’t believe it, but we are smart enough to find and see the truth. Don’t let our rights be taken, find the truth and make others aware of it. Become the solution not just an enabler of the problem.
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61-65, M
Sep 15, 2012