Shooting Is Theraputic

I first started shooting at the age of 12, when my father purchased my first shotgun.  It was a Winchester model 1200 pump, and I loved it.  I took the NRA hunter safety course, (long before it wasn't cool to mention NRA), and started hunting duck, pheasant, quail, and geese with my Father, brother, and best friend.  There are many stories I have about hunting, but I learned valuable skills, and respect for weapons.  My older brother is an excellent shot with a rifle, good with a shotgun, and ok with a handgun, while I am excellent with a hangun, good with a shotgun and ok with a rifle.

I'm working on my rifle skills, and plan to purchase a marlin 45/70 guide gun in 2007. 

I go shooting at least once a month, to ensure that my handgun skills are kept up, and I find it very theraputic.  It's relaxing, and I love it.  I just spent 2 hours on the range on thursday, and fired about 350 rounds.  I was very happy with my groupings, and had quite a bit of fun.

For those people who are afraid of guns, or don't believe in guns, please read more stories, I'm not a "gun nut", or some over exuberant redneck that shoots up road signs or mailboxes... I'm just a normal guy who likes to shoot.
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There are millions of us that are just everyday people that like to shoot for the pleasure of it and to keep our skills sharp.