Nude At Home

I enjoy being nude at home, and would like to try a nudist resort at some point. 
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me too!! lets go!!!

Have you and your family gotten to the nudist resort since then?

I am like you. I go nude whenever I can at home, meaning the kids are not around. I would love to go to a nudist resort but my wife will not go for it. Maybe some day.

Maybe she might consider a Clothing Optional resort where she can wear as much or as little as she wants....and she will find being fully clothed among all the nudists is uncomfortable and she will start shedding her clothes.

My wife and I have tried several and really enjoyed the feeling of Freedom.... try kit ...You'll like it!!!

Where do you reside, PA here

How do you feel about your son and daughter being nude as well and would they be required to dress when your Boyfriend is around? These are all things you need to think about before giving-in to your desires. Personally, I think it is a wonderful idea. Just imagine if everyone were nude all the time, "No Wars!" Everyone would be too busy pointing and either saying WOW or Laughing their ***** off!

Since both kids have their own place they are not around every day. Alex has seen Misty topless a few times, not fully nude yet.

I am willing to bet that they have "seen" each other more than you think. Its only natural in a home to "catch" one another naked. Never was practiced at my home as a child but saw both parents nude a number of times. Sister as well but she moved out before it could have become an "issue" due to the age differences.

Very true

So why haven't you? What is stopping you from visiting a nude resort?

Don't know where one is? Too close to home? Too far from home?

Just wondering if this is something you have thought/talked about, why you haven't tried it yet.

Oh and BTW: It is a great feeling!

Really have not looked around for one. It's something I want to do someday, just been busy with my work, BF, and kids.

Those are excuses. From what I see the kids are old enough to be on their own. Its time you took a chance.

BTW: I see that you are massage therapist. You could always apply for a job as a massage therapist at nudist venue! :)