Showing Off My Bra Straps

I was working at the craft fair one weekend and was wearing a bra and panties, girdle and stockings, womens jeans and a women's top. Through the collar opening of the top the end of the bra strap poked through.  The bra was white.  One of the ladies sitting at the table with me saw the end of the bra strap and asked, What is that and pointed at it?  I said oh, it's nothing and tucked the strap back inside my top.  She had a wicked smile.  She knew what it was.
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1 Response Sep 15, 2012

Having a bra on under a t-shirt that shows the bra is there and otherwise being dressed as a male so others can see and tell what I have on is very exciting for me. I love to adjust the bra straps while walking down the street.

I had on a longsleeve loose top so you could not see the bra. The straps fell out. I'll bet you have gotten some looks while walking down the street.

Looks and comments and attempts to ignore. I just smile because I enjoy it.

Good advice. I did smile and said it's nothing