My New Hobby

This story took place about 8 years ago.

San Francisco’s beautiful skyline could be seen out of the glassed wall

in the lounge. The night-lights and the bay seemed so very calm even

though it has been raining off and on all day.  I was here on a sales

busy trip and it had been one busy workweek with management making

projections on avenues of next year’s business plans. Dwayne, my

husband of 16 years was flying up to meet me. We planned on doing some

sight seeing before heading back home to Texas. He is a wonderful man,

but like a lot of Texas ranchers & builders cannot dance very well. 

Our sex life has always been good, but the last few years the spark has

seemed to less often.  I am a very jealous woman of this humorous

handsome man and he has never made me feel like I not his one and only.

It was almost eight o’clock when Dwayne walked over to the table.  I had

just finished my second drink and dancing with a young college graduate

and did not see him when he arrived.  “Missing me?” he asked.  I gave

him a big passionate kiss and hug. “From the moment I stepped out the

door,” I replied afterwards.

We order dinner and chatted small talk about the weeks events away from

each other. Dwayne knows how much I love to dance and understands that

he is not even a moderately good dancer.  We danced together and went

back to our table.  Then I danced a few times with some strangers. It

sure seemed to be getting hot in the place.  Don’t know if it was from

the weather, the crowd that had appeared, the dancing, or the alcohol;

but the place was really warm. Dwayne has rarely objected to me dancing

with someone else when we go out.  He did have a rule; they had to buy

around of drinks for both of us.

Though he was in his regular good humor mood, he wasn’t having a good

time, and it made me feel guilty. So I decided to set out a few dances

and spend some time with him.  I asked him if there was anything I

could do that would make him feel better.  SHOCKED at him reply, I set

there quietly a moment to make sure I heard him correctly.  He had

whispered into my hear, “Go into the lady’s room, remove your bra and

panties.  And each time after you dance with someone unbutton one of

the buttons on your skirt or blouse. “   I was wearing a silk white

blouse, heels, and short business skirt with buttons on a side split. 

It sound exciting, we did not know anyone here.  I smiled at him and

said, “If it will please you, “ as I got up and went to the powder


As I finally found an unoccupied stall, I noticed a warm rush of

excitement moving over my body.  Placing my bra and panties in my

purse, I straightened my hose.  I have never liked pantyhose, so only I

knew that I was bare.   Touching up my hair and make-up, my nipples

shoot out when I noticed that my breast could be seen through the

blouse.  Walking back to our table, I felt an unbelievable sense of

excitement.  When Dwayne saw me, it was like the biggest smile in the

world came over his face.  My church going friends would be having a

fit if they only knew, I thought.

I snuggled up to Dwayne, kissed him, and opened my purse so he could see

that I had indeed removed my panties, also.  It didn’t take long before

I started to get petty offers to dance.  If I was going to dance like

this close to strangers, I was going to be picky.  I really did not if

I could follow through with the button thing, but the excitement of the

moment got to me.

With each new handsome dancer, while I finished each drank, hugged, and

kissed Dwayne; I would slowly unbutton one of button on my skirt. He

unbuttoned each button of my blouse as we wildly kissed and petted.  I

felt like a schoolgirl again on a date. WOW, feeling stranger’s hard

excitement pushing against me and their hands copping a feel was

unbelievably exciting.  This new dancer did know how to dance, I felt

on fire. Dwayne had asked me bring one of them back to our table to

chat.  He had asked me to let the split of my skirt open and expose my

***** when I set down with him. I did not what to expect, but I was

pass any point of return. With each button that was unbuttoned and each

feel, I was sent to a higher level of excitement. If Dwayne had wanted

me to ***** off naked right there in public I would have. My breast and

nipples could feel the coolness of being exposed.  I could feel myself

becoming very wet with each exposure. I was sure everyone there was

staring at me, and it made me feel so very naughty.

At the end of the dance, I did as Dwayne had requested. Bill, the

dancer, hesitated for a moment when I asked him to join me at the table

with my husband. He seemed spell bound staring at one of my exposed

nipple. Bill almost dropped his drink when I sit down next to Dwayne,

slid over on the booth seat and gave him a show. At some point during

our small talk, Dwayne’s hand had moved to my leg and stopped short at

my *****. He leaned over and whispered, “If you are game touch his ****

and I bet you he will go wild getting his fingers into you and getting

you off.”  I was beyond control, I need to come so very bad, and Dwayne

was right.  Looking into Dwayne’s eyes, I climaxed as Bill worked at my

exposed *****. Afterwards, With one breast hanging out of my blouse,

the split exposing me Dwayne and I left. That weekend we screwed each

other until we were exhausted.  We never did go sightseeing.  And now

when we are out of our local area, we enjoy the same hobby; exposing



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Great story or two people sharing together. What fun!

best story I have read on EP. Very hot

Great story! Good for you. I saw in another comment that you woul dlike to discuss with your husband the possibility of taking these events further. I think he would likely be very open to that possibility. Take a trip with Dwayne and dress sexily with no bra & panties the whole weekend. Go to a dance club and try to replay your adventure above. This time, share with Dwayne that you want to take someone back to the hotel room with you. Dwayne sounds like the kind of real man that won't be threatened by your desires. Good luck!

Nice hot story or experience you got there. I hope to be with you one of these days. Happy hunting

Hot game --- you should take it back to the room

please come and visit Australia!!

It sounds like a very good experience! It sounds so exciting!