I'm Looking To Get My Gf's Pics Exposed Or Recognised By Guys In London Uk...

I have a girlfriend who's posh, haughty and generally known to be hot but stuck up.

In her 32 year life, only 4 people have ever seen her ********; me - and her 4 exes.

Her entire reputation is spun from this fact, with all her friends claiming she's 'unstrippable', unlike those cheap web *****.

She is her industry's glamorous golden girl, known as a sassy, sexy feminist firebrand impossible to .

So when I got her drunk and broke her 'no ***** rule' years ago i knew that lifelong rep could be ruined...

The pics that she says don't exist + her face + her identity = gold dust to anyone who knows her.

So tempting - even to match the 4 people who have seen her ********...

Maybe I'll put her pics and ID on the line over a game of yahoo pool!

IM me: gotahotgirlinherts@yahoo.com
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I would love too see her pics

I'd love to take a look