It's great to meet some like-minded guys. I love displaying my body too--would gladly go naked if it weren't for those socio-legal matters. I've heard about nude health clubs, but there certainly aren't any in my area. Have to content myself with going barefoot and shirtless.

I'm quite skinny, and was very body shy in my youth, but became increasingly proud of it as the population around me grew fatter! I now lift weights to keep in optimal shape, and live for the hot summer months when I can spend all day wearing only shorts (sometimes frayed jeans for variety), drinking in the delicious heat, and overhearing comments from passers-by about the lean body and the tough feet. Strangers sometimes compliment me, or ask about my "secret" of eternal skinniness.

Am looking forward to hearing the details of others' views and experiences.
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Your right about their needing to be more places one can be nude. I went to a gay bathhouse once to see what that was like. No one said i neede to bring the towel they gave me with me so i left it in the locker. The walking around completly nude, even in the. bar, was great but the men there keep hitting on you. You end up giving in abd i had three guys give me a bj in an hour and a half. I want a coed place like that.