Not As Innocent As She Appears...

I would have to say that my favorite way to "show off" doesn't involve nudity.  Rather it is hinting at what might be concealed under my clothing.

Tank tops are great for being discreet yet showing the mounds of nips in the right conditions.

Short cut off shorts or short skirts might show a cheek or more "accidentally".

I also have some clothing with interesting cut outs, and or phrases or words, on them that encourage people to look and read, or do a double take on what they think they saw.

I love it when I am NOT trying for the looks, smiles, or double takes.  It seems so much more genuine on both parts and more natural...less contrived.

I have had a few days where I was so rushed, and in some cases stressed, and forgot that I wore something sexy or playful.  Through the course of the day I was so busy getting things done but then pleasantly reminded that I was looking great, or being helped by a male who "couldn't resist the urge" to help me open a door, offer to carry something for me, or otherwise come to my aid.

This has given me the chance for an innocent flirtation or a sexy smile, which has made me feel like I'm in my 20's again.

My husband has noticed how people respond to me on occasion and told me about it.  Some of the times he spoke of I was unaware of how I was affecting those around me, because I was honestly not trying anything...I was just being myself!!

Perhaps it is my innocence, and sultry eyes that are the perfect storm, much like Bettie Page had.  The giggle and the wiggle, and just flowing rather than trying to make something happen.  Me being more oblivious than obvious might make it more mysterious for those who notice me, because my reactions to the attention are more real and less an acting job.

Being subtly seductive.....



Seanachai Seanachai
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2 Responses Feb 13, 2009

The best exhibitionist thrills are the accidental ones-or, more exactly, the planned accidental ones. In my opinion, no true exhibitionist is ever accidentally doing anything. Everything is for the reaction and the thrill. Everything is planned for effect; depending of the need at the time and the greater the effect the greater the thrill. The thrill is in the prep for most exhibitionists and the reward comes from the reaction. But the real seasoned exhibitionist always seems to have a plan and a goal in the back of the mind guiding them along.

that comes very close to one of the many things i like about getting soaked in my clothes and seeing others the same...seeing dark underware under a newly transparent pair of light khakis or a summer dress. i'm too flat to wear a bra usually, but seeing a dark bra under a light colored wet shirt...sooooooo much sexier than the obvious braless white tee of wet t-shirt contests.