When I Was 14....

My neighbor had a daughter who was 12. Her mom and my mom were good friends. This particular day, it was a very balmy summer day and I was invited to go swimming. Turns out, my mom and her mom wanted to go shopping and wanted me to stay with Karen, my neighbor's daughter. I was all for it. We were left instructions and they left. Karen and I were were the only kids in the area
that were close in age. So we were close. I had become her big brother and She was my little sister. We got into the pool and enjoyed the pool and each other's company. We both became touchy-feely when we both remembered we were without adult supervision.
She began jumping on me and I was liking it! My penis started to grow and I didn't care a bit!
She jumped up on me from the front and her developing body felt wonderful. We would swim and feel each other up.
There was a change room outside and I had never been in it. I asked her if it ever got used. "Oh it gets used. It has a full bathroom in it. Want to see inside?" we got out of the pool and went inside. I saw her nipples were quite visible through her suit and she saw me looking at them. "I don't care if you look at my body, we're friends." she took my hand and pulled me to the changing room. She opened the door and motioned me in. Once in, she closed the door. " you change in here and the bathroom is right over here." there was a lockerroom type bench with hooks on the wall. "look at the shower, it's so fun to use." there were two shower heads in a very large stall. We looked at each other and stepped into the huge stall and pressed our bodies together. She smiled when she pressed Herself into me and felt my full erection against her stomach. "wanna try it out?" She nodded eagerly. "guess why I closed the door?" She reached over and turned the water on and adjusted the temperature. "I always take my shower naked, do you?" She nodded enthusiaticaly. "Oh yah!" what turn-on watching her pull her suit off with no hesitation at all. She even turned toward me and spread her legs a little so I got an un-obstructed view of her vagina. She quickly replied, "oh yeah!"
My first time to shower with a girl. We both got out of our suits and stepped under the warm water. "She smiled and and said "I'm ENJOYING this! I feel so NASTY right now!" I nodded in agreement. "Me too!" We felt each other up, and we washed each other all over and pressed our bodies together and reveled in the experience we were sharing. We stepped out of the stall and walked around the room completely covered in soap. We went back to the shower and pleasured each other with our hands.
As of this day, I have yet to have an experience that would equal the one I had as the one I just shared.

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I wish I could do that but it's to late for a young love I've never seen experience well I'm sure it's all right I mean we all have done something close to this I saw a penis when I was 5 and the boy saw my vagina but that is it u must of felt so alive


Yup, the first time is always something special.

Good story

Wish I was there

Post a pic of the two of you

yes good in a sort of innocent way,