HOT Shower!

I have always been interested by the female anatomy and psyche. Like a lot of other things in my life I simply "needed to know". I often found myself reading magazines that would help. Redbook, Cosmopolitan, Woman’s Health. What ever would offer me information from the female perspective.
I soon came accross an article that explained how a woman could find her G-spot. Was it true? Did it actually exist? Could I use it to make myself more pleasurable? Oh the questions.
The article went on to describe the “G Spot” as an area a couple inches inside the vaginal canal that could be identified by it’s textured or wrinkled feeling contrasted against the rest of the area. “If you find it, you will know it!” the article explained. I had to find it!
Missy was a companion of mine. She had once been the new girl in the neighborhood. She often walked her dog through the park, seemingly hoping some stranger would strike up a conversation. I simply couldn’t resist. Ironically enough as I got to know her it became obvious that we might be better off friends. I "wasn't her type" she once explained. I never bothered to ask what she meant.
There was a local shuttle bus that would take us to the “Factory Outlet Mall” many miles away. The bus left at 8am. Missy had wanted badly to catch that shuttle the next morning and go shopping. I offered to accompany her. The only issue was I worked third shift, getting out of work at 7am. It was decided I would take the bus directly to her house, were I would shower and change. Then we would enjoy the day.
I arrived at about 7:20am. I got to Missy's door and knocked. No one answered. I knocked louder. I then heard the rumbling of someone who realized they had overslept! I heard the door lock pop. It swung open as Missy hurried back toward her bedroom talking out loud about her alarm clock. I went directly to the bathroom to jump in the shower.
“In the name of time, simply move over” Missy explained as her and I stood in the shower together. She looked more sensual, more beautiful, than any day dream I had had of her. I tried to control the male urge as soap flowed down her back and she massaged shampoo into her beautiful black hair. Once again I could not resist.
Missy was now positioned with her back up against the shower side wall. My left hand was firmly grasping her right butt cheek as she wrapped that leg around me, resting that foot on the back of knee. Our foreheads were pressed tightly against each others as I stared directly into her deep brown eyes. Our mouths wide open as our upper and lower lips resting against each others. It wasn’t exactly a kiss but with every exhale Missy filled my mouth with warm delightful breaths.
Supporting most of her weight with my left hand I began to explore her feminine area with my right hand. I gently messaged her Clitoris with my middle finger as the rest of my hand pressed lightly against her lower abdomen. She wrapped her arms around my ribs and maintained a firm grip on my shoulder blades. I began to slowly work her soft tissues, messaging from the Clitoris to the vaginal opening. The whole time being mindful to keep light pressure on her ****. Missy began to pant as I rubbed back and forth. I reminded myself to be slow, be gentle.
Then I did it. I used my finger to explore her inner walls. They were so hot, so sensual. I looked her right in the eyes as I tried to discretely find my way around. That’s when I felt it. That “different” place. Her G Spot??? I took my finger and tapped it as suggested in the magazine. Missy panted hard, her eyes rolled up as she sunk her teeth into my ear lobe.
I now made a conscious effort to keep the end of my finger right on that spot as I began to move my hand gently left to right so I could stimulate her Clitoris. I was pressing that wider, more muscular, bottom part of the middle finger against her ****, simultaneously stimulating her secret inside place as well. She panted heavy with each stroke. Her fingers now painfully dug into my shoulder blades as she rested her mouth against my ear lobe.
After a couple minutes I felt it! Her vagina squeezing my finger ever so firmly as she began to slightly thrust her pelvis. She made little noise but her pants became heavy, more frequent. I was now determined to release every ounce of passion she had built up in her. I continued to work, my finger simulating her pleasure spots with every pass, rubbing her ****, messaging her G Spot. She continued to moan, adding to her own pleassure with those slight pelvis thrusts. I pulled my head back and planted my lips directly on hers. Once again tasting her breath, feeling on her lips the vibrations of what was now low, soft moans. I felt her orgasmic release as she shrieked in bliss. Her ****** seemed to last several minutes. She squeezed my torso, digging painfully into my shoulder blades as  her privte parts released her passion. She then gently pulled my finger out of her,
All the energy was suddenly gone. The ambiance returned to the room. I could once again feel the hot shower against my side. I could once again hear the radio in the back ground. Her painful embraced was now more like a soft cuddle. With her head resting comfortably against my chest as she whispered “you shouldn’t have done that”. I whispered back “I know”.
We had obviously missed the shuttle bus. We decided to simply go out to breakfast. Then spent the rest of the day simply going “no where”. We bummed around the neighborhood shops and marketplaces, spending time together. Sometime that afternoon it occurred to me that simply going “no where” can be one of the nicest place to go…

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Such an amazing story that I found myself touching my body and as the story went on so did I! I felt as though I was Missy imagining the feelings that she was having and every movement you did I was imagining you doing it to me! Wow..I'm extremely turned on and wanting that extremely Beautiful hot feeling done to me.. So when ur ready again.... Yeah

Very nice. I was fortunate to have an older woman show me how to locate the G-spot when in college and that knowledge has served me well over the years.

Very nice story 1hpkns. Sensually and thoughtfully written. Having just emerged from the shower myself I found it all the more entertaining.

Great story and very erotic....loved it! Happy for you to find my G-spot anytime!

that was so incredibly sensual. thank you for sharing that

wow that was a great story

Wowww, I'd like to one day experience that...