With Sister

My sister dared me to shower with her when she was 12 I was 13. That was 25 years ago and we stil enjoy showering and sex.
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haha i had that happen to me once! me and my brother were playin an epic game of truth or dare and i figured the only way id b able to win was if i gave him something impossible! soo clearly i dared him to shower with me, thinking that id got him and to show i was serious i got in the shower. 5 minutes later he got in with me! we were 14 and 15 at this time and it was soooo awkward!

why would it be you're family it's not sexual to shower with family,friends or even strangers

Is your sister on EP?

yes I asked her and she does use ep

is she one of your friends on EP? What is her name here?

My daughter shower with their cousin Bianca.

Never showered with my sister,but do shower with my girlfriend all the time !!!

Such a shame you stopped. We had bathed together when younger and it was so much more fun when we started back up. Terri is still the horniest girl I know!