First Of Many

Before I my husband Mark (winecaddyman in these pages) and I went off to 'seek our fortunes' in College, he was at my Mom's house, doing some much needed yard work.  My mother had a 20 acre 'spread' and there was always something that needed to be done.  My twin brother (Dave) was not mechanically inclined, hated manual labor, so it was always up to me to mow the lawns; or to bat my green eyes, fling my fingers through my hair and ask Mark. 

My Mother and Dave headed off to the big city (a town with a population of 500 or more) to re-victual so I had the house all to myself.  Mom had already asked Mark that morning at church if he could move the neighbors goats to the adjacent field.  He agreed.  I did not even have to bat my eyes.  Mark finished up his chores at his house (he lived 400 yards away) and walked down.  He did not see the family car in the driveway, so he figured I we all were gone.  I saw Mark go to the barn and grab the cattle hook and the big ring of keys my Mom kept there for the gates.  It was funny to see him trying to get goats to comply.  He fell quite a few times and by the completion of the task, he was covered in dirt.  I could see the look of total frustration on his face as he walked up to the house.  That is when I stepped out and said, "Well, goat boy, wanna help a poor helpless girl?"  The look on his face changed to one of joy.  Mark said, "Well, I did not know you were home...I would have loved the company."  I fibbed and said, "I was so engrossed in my book, I did not even see you."  I then said, "Well, you look dirty, why don't you get into the shower, I am sure I can loan you a set of trunks and a shirt so you can at least go home clean."  Mark agreed and headed off to Dave's shower.  I told him, "No, why don't you use my shower."  He beat off the dust, took off his shoes and headed off to my room.  Mark had showered at my house before, I used to sit on the edge of the bed and we would talk, occasionally I would sneak a peek, so there was nothing unusual, at least in his mind.  This time, he closed the bathroom door because of the position of my bed and I heard the water turn on.  I thought to myself, "Oh, my....usually someone is home,"  I took off my cloths, opened the door and walked right in.  I said, "Want your back washed?"  As I said this, the desired effect was happening to his body.  Mark got very hard.  I soaped up my hand and slid it on the legnth of his swollen body part, as I did this I said, "I've always wanted to do this." Mark just stood there, water coursing over our bodies.  He put some soap on his hands and just ran his hand up and down my stomach and breasts.  I felt my very tiny nipples getting hard  and I just let out a sigh.  We did not do much else.  We dried off and just laid in my bed. 

I did notice a change in what he did after we took a shower.  We were fooling around and he turned me over onto my stomach and he bit my butt a couple of times.  It was wonderful.  It was not a hard bite, maybe just a nibble, but the feeling I got from that was almost orgasmic.  It took a while before I could get Mark to have sex 'doggie style," but the shower together was a real ice breaker.
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Thank you for the wonderful comments. We shower together 'sometimes.' It is one of those mood things. Sometimes he comes in while I am showering and gives me a little wolf whistle and asks if he can wash my back, which I love. <br />
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After our first shower together, he had been really working real hard, so I really could not blame him for not wanting do do something. We just laid there, nude holding each other; at least until we heard the car coming up the driveway. Then it was a mad dash to get dressed. As I remember, I rank that as one of our best moments in our, at the time brief relationship. Not that I was opposed to making love. There is a lot more to 'love' than 'penis in vagina' or 'mouth on organ' when you are 'in love.'

well, yes. I was really nervous about the shower thing the first time. I was really nervous about everything I did with Mark. Before I had an inkling that we would date, be intimate or even be married, I always figured we would be 'best friends.' You don't know how many times I asked him to the movies and he would just sit there with his arms to his side. Yes, we shared popcorn, even a few times he would feed me (I thought o.k., you are finally getting it) only to be simply escorted to my front door, have him say good night and turn around and leave. Mark built a lot of walls to defend his emotions, he was almost Vulcan like.