The First Time Was Pretty Fun :)

The first time I showered some someone (of the opposite sex) was my freshman year of college. I was dating a guy who lived in a house off campus and we were up late messing around after watching a movie (not really watching, really - it was an excuse to mess around and warm each other up with some playful foreplay. Well, we ended up making love on the couch and he ended up pulling out and c**ing all over my belly. It was warm and sticky and he didn't have any towels nearby, so he said, "Let's just clean up in the shower...." So, he took me by the hand, like a gentleman (he he) and we ended up getting soapy in the shower together. I felt so taken care of at that moment - it was a wonderful bonding experience for us and made me feel special.
Of course, our slippery nude bodies were too much temptation, so we ended up playing with each other again with the warm water falling over us, but we were a little worried about his roommate coming home from the bars, so we kept things fairly subdued. All in all, a very happy memory. :)
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You are right - it is a very intamate experience

Dang! Why do I even read this stories while being single? You can't imagine how much I envy you right now! :)

Nothing wrong with a little soap and water among friends. ;)