Shower Reunion

The hubby finally returned home after being gone since 03/05. Our time will be brief since he loads out tomorrow at 09:00 am. The first thing we did when he got home was shower. How I missed being in the showe with him. I got the Irish spring out and started soaping him up from head to head:-). Also the legs and feet. It nice to move my hands all over his body to be able to touch him everywhere. When I got done soaping him up he rinsed and then began to show me how much he missed me. He picked me up and pushed be against the wall I had to wrap my legs around him. It was so penetrating. We have never played like that before. It wa great to be pressed against his strong body feeling his muscles contract. He let me down and I turned around and stood on my toes so he could slip in out it was envigorateing. I felt him shudder with joy when I clenched my muscles around him. It was a very nice shower.
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3 Responses May 17, 2012


Sounds like a very nice reunion. I hope you spend as much time together as you can and have more fun before he has to go back out!

Thanks but our time together very short and I don't know when he will be home again;-(

You are so kind too

Lucky couple!