This Is The Absolute Best Way To Be Close With Your Partner!

Honestly, if you cannot get clean together, how do you expect to get dirty together?

There is nothing more luxurious then soaping up together in the shower. Washing every single inch of your partner and being washed the same by them.

I love showering together it has a closeness feeling like nothing else in the world. That hot water spraying down on your body then being soaped up and washed in the most gentle amazing way all over.

Before Rick left this last time on Saturday, I was showering Friday night (long day) and he came in and joined me! What a treat! Of course I love the hot steamy water because I get cold easily but when he climbed in he turned the water down but kept me warm and made sure when we switched places the water was turned back up.

I got to soap him from head to toe (and yes in between the toes too hehe) and I got cleaned just as thoroughly. What an incredible way to spend time together it is relaxing and it cleans the body, mind and soul while you shower together.

If you haven't tried this trust me it is a must! You will enjoy it so much you will do it again and again. I simply cannot wait till we have our house, Rick is going to build us the most fabulous bathroom with an amazing shower and big Jacuzzi garden tub. Not only will we be able to shower together but bathe together as well.

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3 Responses Nov 28, 2012

Bathing together I think must be one of the most intimate, romantic, and stimulating activities a couple can share together. Even without sex, its something that is both thrilling and relaxing. I have never experienced it, but I adore the idea of having something to wash my entire body, front back and inbetween! And I would certainly do the same.

That is what makes it so incredible. It is intimate and it just feels great. It is a way to share more together time and you get clean too(which is a bonus)

i love showering with my man, washing every inch of him , it turns me on so much

I agreen Jen. I love to bathe someone. So sexy and intimate washing every part each other's bodies.

Yes it is a very close and quite wonderful experience babe !!! Hope to do it always !!!!!

Me too I love showering together....can't wait to try the bathing together with bubbles!

I totally agree with your observations and your tribute to showering with a lover!

Isn't it simply the best way to spend time together? It is an unwind session and closeness together that nothing is quite like! Thanks!!