Not To Mention..

having sex in the shower ;)

Last weekend my boyfriend came to my school and slept over at my apartment. The next morning, after sleeping in and morning sex and breakfast, I decided I reallyyy needed to shower. I left him in the living room to watch tv, and next thing I know he's in my room getting undressed with me and into the shower we go. What a welcome surprise ;)

It's so sensual and intimate bathing each other. Sudsing each other up and getting all slippery because of the soap.. mm I love it. And this particular time he was dominant with me. I love that even more. (We're both submissive, so we take turns). Forcing me up against the shower wall and pounding my ***** relentlessly. Yummyyyy

I love to shower together ;*
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5 Responses Dec 7, 2012

nuthin like suds to make it just that lil bit easier !!!

shower sex is awesome. youre both soaking wet under the hot water and after getting ****** you wash off and go. id love to get ****** in the shower right now

mmmm...luv it

Lucky guy sexy girl

I agree that showering or bathing together is so romantic and sensual!