Showering Together

One year my girlfriend invite me to join her family while on vacationing in Myrtle Beach, SC. With her mother and father and her two kids from her first marriage. It was lots of fun playing with the kids, making sand castles and holding them while the waves crash down on us. Of course it was hot and the sand clug to your body. To say the least we all need to shower before going inside. The hotel we were staying in knew the situtation so they had a few outdoor showers for the guest. Her Mother and Father took the kids inside to get them showerd and change into regular clothes. I told my girlfriend that I would just take a quick shower and be up in a few minutes. I slipped in the shower and adjust the shower, slipping out of my bathsuit all at the same time. Just as I started soaping up the door opens and a lovely body slips in beside me and graps my package.
My girlfriend told me we had a few minutes and wanted to make the best of it. She turns around bends over allowing me to see her hot ***. I slipped my all ready hard **** in and took off for glory land. It didn't take long before I burst into joys unspeakable. She smiled at me, dressed and left. I just kept showering because of all the heat that we had made while enjoying each other. When we saw her mother and father again, we were very innocent looking couple only thinking about her children. Oh, the good old days, wish they were back again.
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Jan 23, 2013