Nightstay Means Everything.

My Best-friend comes over for a night stay usually 2 to 3 times a month, and since i live alone its only two of us in my apartment. She is a very open minded, fun loving and caring girl and we have been together since about 15 or 16 years now. She is my closest and most dear friend who i call her my other half.

So whenever she comes over its her thing to actually take her clothes off and usually sit and hang around in her lingerie and often at times even topless. We basically have seen each naked quite a lot of times so its no biggie between us to be naked in front of each other.

It was quite hot that day so my friend wanted to take a shower, and I also needed a shower since I also just came back from work, so we decided to actually just shower together.
She went in before me since she was already undressed and I joined her after few minutes.

Once in the bathroom we washed each other, talked and she even wanted to show me a temporary tattoo which she got on her lower back. After taking a shower and getting dried up she told me to lets stay and spend the day naked and I agreed. Eventually we did everything that day without any clothes on.
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I come from a very large family of 13 siblings. My sisters and I would shower together all the time and loved it when we were young teenagers. We would explore each other's body and felt so good. My sisters loved showering with me because I was pregnant at age 13 by my boyfriend. At 13 I was well developed and top heavy. My brothers were always spying on us and wanted to see us girls nude. They got quite a show often when in the shower or drying off outside the shower in the bathroom. When we get together as adults, we still shower together. I am pregnant again at 44 with twins. I love showering with others because it is so erotic to do so. I *** when I am in the shower with others. I never get the feeling it is ever bad.

Fabulous sweetie

sounds like an awesome day