Public Campground Surprise

Yesterday evening at about 10pm my girlfriend and I walked up to the public showers at the campground we were at in Arkansas. She went into the woman's room and I went into the men's. there was a communal shower room closed off from the rest of the bathroom by a shower curtain. The room had three shower heads and I heard one of them on. I was dressed in t-shirt shorts and crocks when I opened the curtain to put my towel and things on the communal bench. I was slightly shocked to see an 18 year old girl and her boyfriend in the shower.

She was on her knees and giving him head when I walked in. She looked up at me and smiled. When she stood up I realized she was gorgeous. She said not to mind them, they weren't shy. She asked if I was going to take a shower. When I said yes, she asked if she could watch. I told them to wait a moment and I went to the woman's room to get my girlfriend. I talked her into coming with me to the men's shower room. When we walked in, the two teens were still there. The girl told us she wanted to watch us shower together. She kept stroking her guys hard on. My girlfriend decided to give them a show and we both striped each other and then stepped into the shower next to them. The girl walked over and started to soap me up while her boyfriend began to massage my girlfriend. We were all extremely turned on and wound up having a group grope in the public shower.

When we had had enough sex we dried each other off and got dressed. The teens told us they had never done anything like that before and it was a rush for them. Unfortunately we never saw them again because we had to leave early this morning. It was so much fun for us I think we might take their example and do the same shower thing at the next campground.
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What a fun, hot, sexy, erotic story!

Sounds like a great weekend