Have You Ever Had A Filipino Shower?

When my wife and I lived in the Philippines she introduced me to a type of shower which I can only describe as the cleanest fun I've ever had. I could see a spicket sticking out from the wall but was having a hard time figuring out how I would take a shower. There was no shower head. My wife told me to take off my clothes and stoop on the floor of the shower. "Oh so that's how you take a shower, you stoop down and the water sprays from the spicket." A few minutes later she showed up with three large basins and handed me one.
"Here fill this one with water!" she ordered.
So I put the basin under the spicket and turned on the water, leaving my hand under the water.
"What are you doing?" She asked.
"I'm waiting for the water to turn warm."
"It's as warm as it gets, pull your hand out of there." She said as the worry began to spread over me. No hot water, I can't take a shower without hot water.
The basin filled with water as she went to get more supplies for the punishment I was about to endure. The fear of cold water being poured over me was causing me to shake a little. When she returned she had a coffee can , soap and shampoo.
"Why are you shaking?"
"My feet fell asleep." I lied.
She stooped down close to me and dipped the can into the basin of water and without warning she poured the contents of the can over my head. I gasped for air and cried out in anguish.
"Stop being a baby!" she insisted as the second can poured over my head.
"This is the part where you put shampoo in your hair." She instructed as she began to pour water over her own head. First one and then another without ever making a sound. She was a pro! I can learn a lot from this woman. We finished that shower without further incident and I looked forward to showering with her again. I miss the Filipino showers we used to take. I have been there during a rain storm and watched people come out of there homes, dressed and bathe themselves in the rain. It was completely natural and one day I would find myself in a situation where I would take a rain shower.
The Island of Luzon and the equator are close neighbors. As such there are only two seasons in the Philippines, rainy and not rainy. One day during the rainy season, my wife told me to put on some shorts and a tee shirt and meet her outside. As I arrived at the front door I could see it was raining and everyone was outside taking a rain shower. I walked into the rain that was falling like a water fall. The water was not cold, it was extremely warm. We showered outdoors in the warm rain fall and I was hooked, I loved the rain showers and looked forward to the rainy season. So in essence during the rain showers I was taking a shower with the entire neighborhood.
ltdjim ltdjim
56-60, M
May 26, 2013