Showering Together

Water cascading over our bodies.
Your hands exploring every inch of
my body as you press up against me.
Lifting me up in your hands and pressing
against the wall. My legs wrap around
you and the tip of your **** finds
the entrance to me. The swollen head
parting the outer folds as you hold me
there, suspended, letting it slide in slowly,
inch by inch until you are fully inside me.
Looking down into my eyes, you lean
down and kiss me. Moving your hips
against me.
Held there, in your arms, our bodies
moving in unison. The intense heat rising
inside us, matching the steam that swirls
around us as we make love. Slow and languid,
not wanting the moment to end.

A crescendo is building inside of us, a passion
so intense that we are powerless to contain it.
Not wanting to contain it.
Our bodies becoming more frantic as the
moment of release approaches.
You feel my body begin to pulse around you,
swelling to it full extent inside of me.
Neither of us can no longer hold back,
and spasms of ecstasy course through our
bodies. Waves of pleasure crashing
inside both of us.
Collapsing against each other, our hearts racing
as we try and catch our breath. I let you step
down onto the floor, legs wobbly and knees weak.
You brush the stray wet strands of hair from
my face.
Smiling down at me, you lean in and kiss me deeply.
I can see in you eyes how you feel about me, never
wanting to ever to see anything in your eyes,
except this look of desire and lust, it is a mirror
of how I feel for you.
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2 Responses Jul 5, 2013

So hot, I wish my girlfriend was more into this :/


What a well-written story!