My Girlfriend And I

We live in an apartment together near the college that we go to. I had never seen her naked before until this event. We both had class at the same time and we both needed a shower. We only have one shower in our apartment. She suggested the idea that we shower together, and I agreed because of our short amount of time. Then we both went into the bathroom and began undressing. I pulled off my shirt to reveal my hairy chest and she pulled hers off to reveal a beautiful, sexy lace bra. We both then pulled our pants down to reveal our underwear. I was wearing some tight boxer briefs that revealed the outline of my c___, and she wore beautiful lace panties. Then she pulled off her bra to reveal two beautiful breasts. I was starting to get hard. Then I pulled down my underwear to reveal my average 5.3 inch penis. She then pulled her panties down to reveal the most sexy body ever. Then we hopped in the shower. She began stroking my penis as I began grabbing at her boobs. I won't go into too much more detail, but let's just say we had shower sex...
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