Hye friends .. I'm shen . I'm 23 years old and this story not about mom. This story about my school teacher rose. She is good looking lady her age around 27 . she is a science teacher. One day im in the science class and I didn't do my homework so she at me punished me to stayback and do my homework. That time my friends all back home. Left in the school me and the teacher only . she sit infron me at her table,suddenly she cal me and ask me to come next to her,I stand next to her and she sit infron of me , I look at her shirt buttons are open and can see her boobs . I focus looking on her boobs,suddenly she look at me and ask what are you looking. I said noting teacher,and my **** start to grow big and big . while she talking to me and looking at my down , she ask me to take out my **** and I started to open and i ask her permission to press her boobs .while I press her boobs she started to suck my **** , she take out her clothes and stant infron me nude. And I saw her body , its a nayantara. Body . I take a knife and cut her boobs. Ha ha
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Sorry dudes just 4 fun