Many many years ago we had a senior BBQ at a local park that wasn't too far from his house. We played volleyball all afternoon. Between games we flirted, he invited me to walk over to his house, to get his car to drive me home.
I sat on his bed while he showered, curiosity got the best of me, I peeked, need I say more.
thirty years later he wrote this to me:
I'd love to spend the day in the shower with you again !!! Or until all of the hot water runs out. Then we would have to continue our escapades on dryer ground . . . until the hot water heater is filled up with another load of hot water . . . then it's back into the shower! Oh, and what fun we could have!! I've never forgotten our afternoon. xoxoxoxoxoox
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Great experience, love to hear more. Please add me.

so sweet

Great Experience thanks for sharing

You know the saying: "the couple that showers together stays together".

Very nice experience!