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Brothers Sleep Over.

My little brother likes to have sleep overs with some of his football buddies after big games. Early one of those mornings, I had to pee really bad so I ran into the bathroom, dropped my bottoms to my ankles and started to do my business. To my surprise, I saw one of his friends washing up in the shower. Lets just call him "Tony" He noticed me too.

Tony was huge! He had the body of a Greek god, and a spear that could reach the Heavens!  I wanted that inside me. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs, touching myself. "What are you looking at?" He grinned. "Get in here you horny little *****!" I couldnt resist. I took off my top and walked in, facing him. I grabbed his hard shaft and he rubbed my breasts, soaping them up. I smirked and dropped to my knees.I put it between my **** and started sucking him off, . .

Then he turned me around and took me from behind. It hurt at first, but at least it was wet...

No wonder my kid brother is so popular ;-)

Hornikittee Hornikittee 18-21, F 10 Responses Mar 17, 2010

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Great story! I can't wait to hear more!

Too bad my friends don't have sisters like you ( my friends sisters are too young and/or ugly)<br />
ps I'm acually 16

This is a wonderful story .

That is the perfect way to begin the day! And the shower was nice too.

How old where you

Great story. Surprise sex is awesome.

Nothing beats an early morning pee!

good stories. keep them *******.

It sure was

He ate my **** ;-)