Brothers Sleep Over.

My little brother likes to have sleep overs with some of his football buddies after big games. Early one of those mornings, I had to pee really bad so I ran into the bathroom, dropped my bottoms to my ankles and started to do my business. To my surprise, I saw one of his friends washing up in the shower. Lets just call him "Tony" He noticed me too.

Tony was huge! He had the body of a Greek god, and a spear that could reach the Heavens!  I wanted that inside me. I sat on the toilet and spread my legs, touching myself. "What are you looking at?" He grinned. "Get in here you horny little *****!" I couldnt resist. I took off my top and walked in, facing him. I grabbed his hard shaft and he rubbed my breasts, soaping them up. I smirked and dropped to my knees.I put it between my **** and started sucking him off, . .

Then he turned me around and took me from behind. It hurt at first, but at least it was wet...

No wonder my kid brother is so popular ;-)

Hornikittee Hornikittee
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Too bad my friends don't have sisters like you ( my friends sisters are too young and/or ugly)<br />
ps I'm acually 16

This is a wonderful story .

How old where you

Great story. Surprise sex is awesome.

Nothing beats an early morning pee!

good stories. keep them *******.

It sure was

He ate my **** ;-)