In This Place I Heal

I love to play my guitar. Whenever I find the time or just make it I get lost for hours in my music. Turn the amp on and feel the energy, slide my fingers over the frets like magic the strings come alive and I am transformed . Pain, anger , happiness it all comes out.
I can pick some bitchin heavy metal and just let it all out and leave my FTW attitude in the air. I can write out my pain , anguish or just let down and put it to music that moves me to tears. The rain falls down on her my hazy ( that's her name) and she absorbs it all.
Negativity, pain , hurt she helps me to turn it into music to soothe the soul.
Many times I have lost myself in this world that only one who plays can understand. Yes it's my escape , my best friend and the one I pour my love into. She has never betrayed me or turned her back. She is always right there in the corner of my room waiting.
Waiting for me to let go of what's in my heart and soul. The only place it's truly safe.


I've been lost since the day I was born
never had a home ,so the roads my own.
Played the game and I lost it all
I just bend when I fall

No I won't fold
I won't die
I'll get through
cause I hold
my own

Turn your back it's nothing new
I know my role theres been a few
It may rain and clouds may form
But I'm not worried I'll stay warm

No I won't fold
I won't die
I'll get through
Cause I hold my own.

Someday I'm sure you'll all look back
remember when you left me there
Life is life
and it ain't fair.
So hold your tears cause I'm okay
All you said only broke pieces of me away.

No I won't fold
I won't die
I'll get through
Cause I hold my own

Yeah just pieces of me drift on the wind
No big deal , nobody sinned
No , no big deal
They were just pieces I didn't need

Cuase I hold my own
Yeah I hold my own.
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May 15, 2012