My Family Hates It.

My son and daughter are both still in and below High School, so I'll often try to embarrass them for the sake of doing so. It's all part of being a parent, right?

One time, I was with my daughter at a carnival. The singer on the stage asked if anyone would like to take the microphone and I was called.

Now, while my daughter was holding her hands up over her face, I belted out 3 Doors Down's 'Kryptonite.' My daughter had 'mysteriously' not heard me call her up on stage when my wife joined me.

Whenever I'm home, my favorite one to sing is Bruce Springsteen's 'Mary's Place.' My daughter will be on the phone with a friend and she'll roll her eyes and place the phone against her chest to tell me to shut up.

God, I love my kids. Even more than I love to sing.
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36-40, M
Jan 14, 2013