I Still Sing.

I grew up listening to music, and developed a great love for it.  Still have it, though it's getting harder to make the time to find new stuff to listen to.  I always loved singing, too, though I never really did it in public.  I don't mind singing by myself these days and in fact do it quite often when I'm driving to or from work.

It never seemed right to sing around other people - I'm too aware of what they might think and I was never formally trained so I don't even know if I'm hitting alll the notes right.  The way you sound to yourself is always different from how you sound to others because the bones of your skull conduct the sound directly to your inner ears.

My wife frequently complains that I'm a little off key or a little too flat in the middle registers, so I stopped singing around her.  Now it's just me and the highway these days.  I don't listen to music in the car with her anymore, either.  It's not enjoyable.
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2 Responses Jun 2, 2010

How you feel when you sing is all that matters. Do it for yourself, it's good for your soul and where you do it is not important. I love singing in the car, I'm too self conscious to sing in front of people so it's great to crank the music up and belt out a song with no one to hear me! I hope music remains a source of comfort and strength to you.

Whynot join a choir you don't need to have a great singing voice just a love for it there are many to join I joined one & havn't looked back its great