Im Trying To Be A Pop Singer

i made a few songs, im going to eventually put them on youtube, but im so scared. Even people on here have hurt my feelings with their comments, and im afraid everyone is going to think im a joke. I cant decide if i should make the video to the song i wrote funny or serious like i intended the song to be? Funny just to avoid hateful comments...
mauimichele mauimichele
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2 Responses Jul 22, 2010

lady gaga, christina aquilera, no doubt (NOT Gwen Stefani's new stuff...), Hayley Williams, Evenescence, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson.... i like a lot of random songs too, these are just ones that stick out in my mind when Karaoke-ing. yeah i write my own songs, usually theyre depressing but ive been making my recent ones based on beats i find online, the stereotypical pop music people want to dance to and hear on the radio, the 'not so emotional' kind of music lately

opening solos, chamber choir, allstate, being the Alaska rep for the USA European Concert Tour in 05.... i think so, ive only heard good things but you never know if its just cuz i try so hard nobody wants to say anything mean