My Passion

I have been singing every since I was a little girl. I always knew it was my passion, but never even dreamed I would become a singer. It's a pretty small chance, coming from North Dakota, where the most famous person is probably big foot. I always wanted too, but you know? It's a 1 in a million chance. What are the odds?

I practice more than 2 hours a day, just singing and playing the piano. I taught myself how to play the piano so I could sing while I play. I LOVE SINGING! All my friends know it, and they sing with me alot just being buddies. I take a tape recorder and tape my voice. It's good, and my friends think I would probably get discovered if there were more people where we live, but I think I need more practice.

As for now I went to become a choir teacher, or a music teacher. It's fine if I somehow become a singer, but for now I feel like it will never happen.
Kciarak Kciarak
Jul 25, 2010