Scotland Singing

In the spring break of 2010, i went to scotland for a singing compition. Im  live for music so when i heard i was going on i was extactic. When i got there (im from canada) i was breath tacken. I was there past the top 1000 past the top 100 past the top 10 and came in 3rd place. But i never believed i deserved that title. There were singers from  switzerland that out sung me like a canary out sings a hippo. Ive been offerd singing contracts but denied them all, i dont think or believe i sing well. Since then i havnt sung a word, Not because i came in 3rd NO I EXPECT TO BE OUT AT 1000 i havnt sung cause i dont have anymore faith in myself i guess, i stoped playing gutair i stoped playing my trumpet and drums and basicaly stoped music in my life. Sad thing is i grew up with music in my life! i dont know what to do anymore! should i force the music out? I feel empty without it!
hockey54227 hockey54227
18-21, F
Jul 30, 2010