Choir Every Year!

I have been in choir my whole life. My mom told me that even before i could talk i would just hum all the time. I have sang numerous times on stage. I have three ultimate favorite songs though.
1. Unsung Heros- its about the veterans and service men and women who aren't recognized but are hero's none the less.
2. Detention- I cant find this song anymore but if you can i would love you forever. Some of the lyrics are "Detention Detention my teacher gave me detention, its a wonderful time were having tonight, spending it in detention."
3. Cant remember this name but its basically about a little kid asking his mom for a puppy and she is going on about the reasons the young child cant have a puppy and the last line is something about the kid asking for a horse.

I love the third because it had a small acting part and I got to be the mom while my best friend, Kerrie, got to be the child. I was dressed in a small apron and had a rolling pin that i got to wave around and point at Kerrie. It was really fun.
I have come a long way and now i am in the second highest choir out of 5 choirs at my school.
ChristinaH123 ChristinaH123
18-21, F
Nov 28, 2011