Sad Love Story

I will talk in this story about the love that will be always sad
In my heart.
At the beginning of year 2009 I was sitting in the university on my own then young man came and asked to sit next to me and talk to me .
Since that day we became friends and that was the happiest day of my life, since the first look I loved him despite the lack of knowledge was especially very attractive and elegant he was tall and slim , His eyes were blue, his blond hair and his skin white, his smile full of joy.
and after that day we meet always
Was helped me in my studies I have loved him a lot because he was always trying to plant a smile on my face, he was the dearest person in my life he took me to various places such as watching movies visiting museums and go to the tourist cities, I didn’t visit it before.
my best friend wend with us she was very close to me so I told her how much I love him.
She tried to help me always to get close to him.
Once a year and we are on that case, every day happier than the day before and every passing day I love him more.
We quarrel sometimes because Greta excessive it is difficult to love a person and he don’t care about your feelings because I wanted him to he appreciate my feelings I was jealous he was loved by the girls because of his morals and good treatment of them and most important reason is his beauty was I couldn’t mute my love to him, my friend encouraging me to reveal my love to him .
Once months and days and then, I decided to talk to him.
I was waiting for that moment when he says to me :< I love you too>
We met and I told him about my love but I did not expect his response.
he told me a sad voice, "I joy your friendship, but I didn’t love you I like your girlfriend I couldn’t get close to her heart, and access to the only way to our friendship that became a friend but I do not love you"
Tears streamed from my eyes and I could not believe his article to me because I thought that he loves me.
I get back to the House and I decided to secede to get ride of this bleeding love entered I took a knife and tore the arteries of my hands, suddenly my mother get side my room and she took me to the hospital.
When I opened my eyes, I found him as well as students, I told the nurse to take it out because I no longer want his presence to my life.
the days when I get out from the hospital and I get back to the study, but my friend is no longer wish to talk with me .
so I went to her and I request her accept him because he loved her.
But that she told me:
"I do not love him, and how could I agree to the only person my best friend who loved him madly even tried to suicide for him also I like an other man,"
since that day, I d decided to travel to a place which no one find me , I told my friend where I will live .
I was alone in that but my friend visited me sometimes and in the sometime he was looking for me.
my friend could not afford to see me alone more so she told him where I stay then he came to the house, couldn’t open the door I don’t know maybe because I couldn’t control my feelings when I see him.
he watched my house every day and when I was coming back home he stopped me ,he asked me to speak with him and I accepted.
He told me:
"I am sorry I hurt you, I feel guilty, I didn’t know the value of your love only when you left know I am proud to soy that I love and I want to spend my whole life with you”
I told him:
"I will think about that»
I get back home and I kept thinking suddenly I heard a knock on the door I opened it I found my friend
She told me:
"he lost consciousness he was taken to the hospital they found the cancer has spread in the body is no longer much in his life and his doctor described the pain reliever and said unto them, Take him to the house"
and he asked her to tell me.
Tears streamed from my eyes I went to his house very fast I looked after him.
The day came that I did not want his arrival, which I will never see him again I was sitting next to him.
He asked me to forgive for all pain that he caused to me he also asked me to live my life.
He cried, and then he died in my hands.
How much is sad my life and empty without him, he was the love of my life.
Know he is gone but his love still in my heart, his memory still in my head.
That’s why I called my story “sad love story “because the lover does not exist any more.

ahlem1 ahlem1
May 21, 2012