Can't Help It!

I started singing when I was about seven, I would sing in a made up language,  my people being real honest to goodness LSD dropping  hippies, thought that was pretty cool. I started making up songs within the year.  EXquisitely Hokey!  "Listen to the crickets in the night ...out of sight ....crickets in the night ...all right.."  Come on! I was eight.People started liking my stuff when I was 15, still pretty Hokey.  "You can't be another one night stand You just seem to real......"  What?  I'm not even gonna lose my virginity for another 3 years!!  Anyway, as usuall I digress. I sing while I'm working , I love Irish stuff!!  I sometimes work in a large auditorium, and I'LL sing "There Were Roses" at the top of my lungs.  Not an invisible dry eye in the house. I'm happiest when I'm singing, especially if people are digging it.

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4 Responses Apr 21, 2007

I know that feel!!! And just so you know, I really dig your singing. :D

still want to hear it

I only wish I could sing. My musically gift is that I can feel music deep in the core of my being, it transports me.<br />
<br />
To those of you with the true gift of music, thank you. You have made the world a better place to be!!

I totally get that.... I am happiest when singing....