As you know Asians aside from the PHILIPPINES the most popular is basketball,boxing,fishing,bowling the next thing any Filipino you will know is that they are really good in singing and im sure you heard alot of sensational international singer from the Philippines like Lea Salongga,Arnel Penida,Charice Pengpemco,Mabuhay Singers and all those not so famous but singing all over the WORLD.hhmmmm lets talk about the reality if you happen to know any Filipino and ask if he could sing i will tell you right now even impromptu he or she will sing at you.
Yes and that is always the stress reliever of anyone and even in the far flung villages if you have no Karaoke System theres a guitar that could strum and let the guys sing especially if theres some beers or rhum,whisky,gin,ale and tuba,lambanog,all kinds of liqour you imagine....of course not all should need it but for us men even we never drink we have funny ways of courting our women in the village of course if you favor conservative way things to be,so by that it means strumming your guitat or someone else do but you sing by tune or not in tune you never care because what you want to convey is how you feel and wanted to sing to the girl you want and see the beautiful maiden or for your eyes the only woman in the world that makes your heartbeats fast like a roller coaster train and with galloping horse in your chest.
Wow but of course this days some are so modern that they will have all the sound system set up and sing those romantic music that the woman that you serenade will gasp while listening to your songs and how you show that you have guts to do it infront of many people and others to see.Well as i know that Filipinos are brave people and bornfree i think you also will notice how romantic the Filipinos all over the WORLD.....
tawam tawam
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hmmp just hmmp tawam lol

oy tinamaan ka db sabi nga ng mga bol-anon mahalun ka hangtud sa lub-nganan....ingon mga bisaya patya nalang ko day unsaon nga ikaw man ang akong gihugma......