I am not the best singer. I don't have an amazing singing voice like you would hope to hear. My voice range is more Barenaked Ladies than anything else, which is why I like to sing their songs the most.

My singing voice, for whatever reason, is fairly raspy and deep. I try not to be like that but I've been told that it was my personal singing voice. I love it though because to me, it's unique. I love singing lower songs sung by guys, it makes me feel happy. I like to sing songs like " Call and Answer" by Barenaked Ladies or " You Won't Dance With Me" by April Wine.

Sometimes I just like to hum and see if a new song comes to mind. Either way, as mediocre as I sound, I still love to sing regardless. I don't even feel sorry for my sister and her bf who have to listen to it, lol but hey, they're probably happy that I'm not worse!
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The main point of recreational singing imho is not to sound good but express yourself in a way other mediums couldnt. Good on ya for singing, not everyone has to be celine dion or whitney, just gotta enjoy the music is all. I mean Im no Marvin Gaye but damn do I like to sing his songs in the shower lol.

Very true. Thanks for the confidence boost :)