Karoke Is My Thing

My grandfather taught me how to sing when I was just little. Tie a Yellow ribbon round the old oak tree! Then when I was fourteen I sang a Michal Jackson son called 'Ben' in a singing competition.

Years on when Karaoke came to the entertainment business I gave it a shot. The very first time I got up to sing I was boo-ed off the stage. A couple of years later I entered another competition just for the fun of it. Our city was looking for the best entertainer and I thought it would be just something I would enjoy doing.

I went so far as even making a dress for the occasion. I imagined what it was like for the entertainers that used to entertain the soldiers during war. The song I picked was one called Big spender and I had an absolutely wonderful time.

Some of the others singers were really good so I was more then surprised when they read my name out as the winner. After that there was no turning back. Being able to go out and sing became a regular thing to do after that.


logisticmosquito logisticmosquito
Aug 9, 2007