I Just Hate Karaoke Conpetitions!


Love karaoke - and am good at singing.

I just hate the unfairness of the pub contests that they invite you to.  The winner is only ever someone they know, and the judge is NEVER independent, (despite what they always say!)

I did 2, and in both cases it was def a conspiracy.

Worse, I went to new and different karaoke venues where along with sincere compliments, I got awful jealousy too, which was hurtful.  For example, before I sang, I politely asked this girl where the slips of paper were, to request my song.

She was nice about it and was happy to show mw, yet after I sang, she changed.  Before we left I went over to say goodbye and thank her, but she could hardly bring her face up to look me in the eye.  

She was SO rude and resentful, I don't know why she was like this because she also had a good voice.  Sound familiar, anyone?

On the plus side, I do enjoy singing, I just need to not care about it too much, if you know what I mean.



emmasharn emmasharn
31-35, F
May 16, 2009