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It Is So Fine to 69!!

As far as I'm concerned,  "Nothing can be finer than to be a 69er!"

I mean I'd rather 69 than breathe. And sometimes when you 69 you gotta give up oxygen for a while. I find it is the best way for two people to have a simultaneous ******. I lot of woman who tell ya, "Yuuck, I don't like to swallow",  don't seem to mind at all when they 69. 

You wanna know  who taught me how: a Mormon school marm from Utah! I was only 18 and she was this "older woman" (of 24) having a summer fling. I had oral sex before (both giving and receiving) but this young  teacher taught me how to do both at the same time that summer.

Thanx Teach!!

buckminster buckminster 61-65, M 8 Responses Dec 27, 2007

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Once my wife started enjoying multiple *******, I'd really focus on eating her p u s s y while she s u c k ed me. Doing that kept me from c u m ming before she was satisfied. She always wanted me to finish by filling her p u s s y up with j i z z. Worked better and was more fun than thinking about baseball statistics.

I kiss the wife afterwards, but she doesn't have a mouth full.

It is tough to focus on both. Somehow I seem to be able to get it done though. The wife and I love to 69. We went there this morning in fact...

69 is fine...but<br />
<br />
i have trouble multitasking I guess....LOL<br />
<br />
cant soncentrate both on whats happening to me and what I'm doing at the same time....:(

I never understood the issue regarding swallowing or not. It isn't complete (to me) unless you consume.

Would I be the only one who doesn't care for 69? There is too much going on at once for my tastes. I like to be totally focused on one thing at a time.

I experienced it from my ex - she used a handkerchief near the fun.

YO!.... 68 I O U 1 !!! heheehehehehee